LIBERATING ELDER – Among the hundred thousand promises Donald Trump made (and has already made great strides to keep) was the promise to reform welfare.

No one questions the need for the program to be reevaluated after all the recent reports of fraud and abuse.

In true Trump fashion, the Donald is already on the case and making things happen.

From Conservative Tribune:

In what was quite possibly the opening salvo on welfare leeches, Trump was ready to sign a bill passed by Congress that would allow states to perform drug tests on those applying for unemployment benefits, WITI reported.

Under President Barack Obama, states weren’t allowed to test applicants for drugs unless they were applying for a job that already had mandatory drug testing. However, there’s a new sheriff in town — and he’s backed by a Republican-controlled Congress that, while far from perfect, is at least more likely to pass common-sense legislation like this than any legislative body under the control of people like former House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

No one is trying to suggest that everyone on welfare is a leach or not in genuine need.

By the same token no one is under any illusions that the program is running smoothly and not being abused.

No rational person would go out and get a job when they can stay home, get high, and get more money each month than they would if they had a job and drug tests.

Trump has promised to give power back to the states and the move keeps a bunch of promises. I don’t think anyone is going to say that letting states decide if they want to drug test in order to get on the welfare rolls is a bad idea.  There I go underestimating the stupidity of the left again … H/T