Tim Tebow Just Won Over His Most Hardened Haters On National TV [VIDEO]

Even those who hate Tim Tebow can’t deny that he has done an incredible amount of good during his life. Whether it’s helping to build hospitals, raising incredible amounts of moneycreating lifelong memories or even the good he plans on doing after his sports career is over, Tebow’s deeds over the span of a few years outshine what most people will do in a lifetime.

Trying to pick out the most inspirational Tebow deed is impossible.

Or, it was impossible.

We may have a clear-cut winner after Tebow’s appearance Wednesday night on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon:

What started as a typical guest spot on a late-night talk show quickly turned into something incredibly special.

“You do so much charity work. Well, you always have. It’s just reached a level that I can’t even believe … I have to say I’m so impressed by it, and I think it’s so cool that you do this,” said Fallon.

When the topic moved onto the stellar “Night To Shine” event that the Tim Tebow Foundation holds, Tebow freely admitted, “It’s my favorite night of the year.”

“‘Night To Shine’ is a worldwide prom for people with special needs,” said Tebow.

After some digging, Fallon found out that Tebow had never been to his own high school prom.

“I was always playing baseball, basketball or football. We were always so busy,” explained Tebow.

From there, Tebow created a lifelong memory for Judy Adams. He revealed that Judy had invited him to a “Night To Shine” prom event, but Tebow’s hectic schedule prevented him from being able to be there. It’s safe to say that Tebow more than made up for his no-show when he brought Judy onto the “Tonight Show” stage for a dance.

“You look beautiful,” Tebow could be heard saying as they first started.

“Thank you,” the ecstatic Judy replied.

“Are you surprised?” asked Tebow.

“Yes!” yelled Judy. READ MORE