Post-Constitutional Governance

ELDER PATRIOT – The Supreme Court will be handing down their final 11 decisions of this year’s term, proclaiming what is and what isn’t Constitutional this week.  The decisions will be accompanied by rejoicing and angst […]

Dylann Roof: What You Are Not Being Told

ELDER PATRIOT – In 1996 Bill Clinton rallied the black base of the Democrat Party when he made a speech conjuring up the memories of Black Church burnings in the South.  This has become standard fare […]

GOP Congressman: Blame Drudge

ELDER PATRIOT – Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!   Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger who represents Illinois 16th Congressional District spoke on 1440 WROK radio yesterday and said; “(TPP) does not exist yet, so there’s been […]

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