Prediction: Trump 280, Hillary 258

November 8, 2016

EDWARD PALTZIK – Trump is going to win tonight and make America great again. Here are 33 reasons why it will happen – one for every thousand emails Hillary deleted. 1. The enormous attendance at […]

King Coward and America’s Cycle of Racial Stupidity

July 26, 2015

EDWARD PALTZIK – Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is already known for his starring role in Maryland’s evisceration of the Second Amendment during his former life as Governor of the Old Line State.  Now he […]

Maine: A Beacon of Liberty

July 15, 2015

EDWARD PALTZIK –  Maine is well known for its picturesque collection of 65 historical lighthouses.  These beacons have long saved sailors from the calamity of shipwreck in the darkness along Maine’s primeval coastline.  Fittingly, this […]